Lyndsay's MySims Kingdom appearance

Lyndsay is a sim from the MySims series. She seems to have an interest for adventure and is always exited when she finds a new place to explore. She also likes exploring the place that she is currently in at the moment.


  • MySims Agents
  • MySims Sky-Heroes

Roles In GamesEdit

In MySims Kingdom, She is one of the sims that accompanies you on your quest. She holds the magic bag that you get from Marlon. When you complete a scroll, you go talk to Lyndsay and she will say some dialouge about what the scroll will unlock. In MySims Agents, she is a tour guide of the Jungle Temple. She shows you 4 pedestals which are used to unlock the temple. She wants to explore every single room in the temple and map it out once the temple is unlocked. In MySims Sky-Heroes, she works on the Air and Sea Patrol with Barney Cull and his daughter Mira Cull.