Chaz McFreely is a sim with a huge ego in the MySims series. He is interested in stunts and sometimes overuses the word "Extreme". He also acts cocky towards sims. He often bullies other sims . Mainly Travis in MySims Kingdom and Luke in MySims Agents. 

Chaz's appearance in every game exept Agents and Sky-Heroes.

 Here is some general game info.

Roles in GamesEdit

In MySims, he appears in the hotel when the town population is full. He asks you to build him a house but has very little dialouge. If you become his best friend, he will give you the Chair-Racecar blueprint. There is 3 of it somewhere in his house. He then returns in MySims Kingdom as a student at The Royal Academy. According to his dialouge when you first talk to him, he was obviously the one who stole the school bell. In MySims Party and MySims Racing, he was everything he was in the last 2 games. In MySims Agents, he returns and he is a stuntman at the Boardwalk. He does not like Luke and thinks he is trying to outdo him and take his expression of King Of The Beach since he gave Summer a surfing lesson. If you talk to him, he will ask you to get 2 more people to come watch his stunt show. In MySims SkyHeroes, he is the leader of "Team McFreely". 2 of his fans, Vic Vector and Sapphire join him as well. 

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His MySims Kingdom cover appearance.