Buddy's MySims Kingdom appearance.

Buddy is a MySims character who is a clumsy klut. He often trips at random times during various MySims games he appears in.

Games Buddy Appears InEdit


MySims Kingdom

MySims Party

MySims Racing (DS)

MySims Agents

MySims Sky-Heroes

About This CharacterEdit

In MySims, Buddy appears as a Bellhop working at the Town Hotel. However, he is the only employee that remains in the hotel. Rosalyn wonders how he keeps the hotel running so smoothly. In MySims Kingdom, he is the loyal messenger and accompanies the player on King Roland's quest. He is also the bellhop at the town that hosts festivals in MySims Party and in MySims Racing (DS). Buddy then appears as an agent and goes with you to all the locations inside and outside The City. He then appears as an Unlockable Character in MySims Sky-Heroes.